About Us

LAW FM 103.9 is the pioneer Law Radio Station in Nigeria and indeed, Africa. LAW FM was founded by Tayo Oyetibo, Senior Advocate of Nigeria. The Station is established to broadcast for knowledge and entertainment.

LAW FM 103.9 is significantly dedicated to broadcasting socio-legal issues and content that affect the day-to-day transactions and activities of the people, in a precise, innovative, educative, clear, and entertaining (PIECE) manner.

Law is meant to be understood by everyone in the society. But how many people in our society understand the law and what it provides for?  Yet, ignorance of the law, it is said, is not an excuse. There are many activities and transactions that people engage in, on a daily basis, that have serious legal implications.

Our objective is to help you know about the law and your rights, such that you can be guided in taking the initial decisions in your daily transactions and activities that will ultimately put you on the right path.

Located in Lekki in Lagos State of Nigeria, LAW FM 103.9 commenced commercial broadcasting in February 2021 for knowledge and entertainment. Our core values as an organization, are Credibility, Integrity, and Professional Etiquette, all of which influence the work we do.

When you tune in to LAW FM 103.9, you get to hear the law, talk the law, and know your rights like never before!

We are different because we broadcast in your interest.